About Us

The Bellasia Tea Story

Hello! My name is Mercedes, and rightfully, I am the queen in the story! As you may have guessed, I have a beautiful daughter named Isabella. She was the hearty inspiration behind Bellasia and helped to shape it's amazing story.

I started Bellasia for many reasons, one of which is close to heart. My husband and I were led on our journey to adoption after being able to conceive. We are thankful to have adopted the most amazing little girl in the world - Isabella! She truly is the shining star that completes our lives. Just as I grew up on fairy tales, we wanted her to have her happily ever after, too.

When it came to stories, we noticed there were no adopted princesses. In some cases, certain stories shed an unflattering light on non-birth parents as a whole. I felt drawn to this and was inspired to change her world. I would create fairy tales that had adopted princesses in them and a smile would instantly appear across her precious face.

Along with motherhood came the even more inspiration behind Bellasia. If like me, you have kids - chances are pretty good that you have found yourself at a tea party (read my tips here). Even my husband, who is retired military, has found himself dressed in boas and tiaras while enjoying a cup of imaginary tea with our daughter. While that table was entirely too little for him, he savors those memories.

As Isabella got older, she wanted to trade up her pretend tea for a cup of real goodness. To my avail, I could not find any "princess tea," or anything remotely healthy for kids. What I did find was tons of princess tea sets, tables and dresses - but no princess tea!

Fate directed my cards and as my adoption tales started reeling in a different direction, Bellasia Tea magically became a reality. As much as I love all of the stories we grew up with, I wanted Isabella to know that it's up to us to create our own happy ever afters - and naturally, how to whip up the best cup of tea - ever!

I am a firm believer in making life what you choose to and of course, dreaming BIG! Shoot for the stars, sip that tea, and embrace the short amount of time we have on this earth. Every day is a gift and Bellasia Tea is an extra stepping stone of magic.

Enjoy the sips and savor the moments,

- Mercedes