Tea Party 101

Plan the perfect tea party with these helpful tips!

Pick A Spot

Whether you pack up and head to your favorite park, or sprawl out on a blanket in your yard, find a comfortable spot for your tea party. Children's tables, pillows, blankets and picnic tables are equally great!

Select Your Teas

From bold flavors with pineapple and peach to varieties with hints of vanilla, our flavors provide options for everyone! Best of all, they are healthy and naturally caffeine and sugar-free!

Coordinate Little Nibbles

No tea party is complete without snacks! After choosing your Bellasia Teas, it's time to focus on the little nibbles. Food can be tailored to each attendees liking and include light appetizers to a kid-friendly lunch. Below are a few our our favorite recipes!

Make It Pretty

Lace, balloons and pure white ponies! Pay attention to the details for your tea party. Consider your location but make it fun with items like floral print tea cups and saucers, tiered food trays, colored utensils and more. You can even find faux gold and silvery disposable serving ware to make it feel fancy with extra durability.

Impress Your Guests

It's party time! After you have carefully planned out your menu of delicious teas and snacks, impress your guests even further with an enchanted story during tea. Our exclusive Once Upon a Tea storybook tells a harrowing story of a princess who changes the lives of those in Bellasia forever. Her story beams of kindness and courage and will be the perfect accompaniment to tea time!