Finally, a tea for kids!

If, like me, you have kids, then chances are pretty good that you’ve been part of a tea party. When our daughter got older and wanted to stop pretending and start partaking in real tea, I couldn’t find any “princess tea.” How could this be? I found tons of princess tea sets, tables, dresses, etc. – but no princess tea…I couldn’t even find kids tea! Then my brain started spinning and Bellasia was born!

When our little ones are enjoying their teas, I want them to be transported to the land of Bellasia where fairies, dragons, magic wizards and dreams come true. Not to mention the added benefit that there is no caffeine, no sugar, and it comes from nature so parents love it too!

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Make tea time magical.

Each of our teas are crafted to be tasty without any of the caffeine so that your little ones can enjoy a royal tea party experience with you! Tea is a healthy alternative to juice, which contains lots of sugar and is highly processed.

Treat your kids to a special treat and special time with you that they will remember and cherish for years!

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The story behind the tea

I started Bellasia for a few reasons. My husband and I could not conceive, so we adopted the most beautiful little girl in the world. She’s the shining star that completes our lives. I grew up on fairy tales and ‘happily ever after’s’ so naturally, so did she.

I noticed that she was quite distraught that there were no adopted princesses and even in some cases, certain stories shed a not-so-flattering light on non-birth parents as a whole. I felt pretty bad for her, so I would think of fairy tales that had adopted princesses in them and that made her smile. I finally took the plunge and turned these stories into a book!

It’s about a lovely girl found in a mystical garden made from love and magic, who became a princess to an unforgettable kingdom and a loving daughter to a very lonely king and queen.

We invite you and your little princesses to have a tea party, read our book, and lose yourself as you learn about Isabella and follow the young princess on her journey of discovery, family, love, and hope.

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