Finally, A Princess Tea!

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    Fairy Sunset

    Cranberries, orange, citrus flavoring, hibiscus, & Rooibos

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    Mystic Melon

    Apple, Pear, gojiberries, hibiscus, rosehips, sweet honeydew melon & flavoring

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    Toasted Almond

    Apple, almonds, cinnamon & beetroot

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    Peachy Keen

    Black Tea with peach pieces, marigolds & peach flavor

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    Cherry Jubilee

    Apple, hibiscus, rosehips, berries, beetroot, vanilla, cherries

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    Honeybush, Rooibos, flowers, strawberry, raspberry & chocolate flavors

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    Dragon Berry

    Black and red berries, grapes, sour cherry, hibiscus, flavor

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    Razzle Dazzle

    Green Tea, hibiscus, safflowers & lemon/raspberry flavor

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    Our Book


About Us

My name is Mercedes, Yep the queen in the book and as you’ve might of guessed I have a beautiful daughter named Isabella.

I started Bellasia for a few reasons. My husband and I could not conceive so we adopted the most beautiful little girl in the world, she’s a shining star that completes our lives. I grew up on Fairytales and Happily Ever After’s so naturally so did she.

I noticed that she was quite distraught that there were no adopted princesses and even in some case shed a not so flattering light on non-birth parents as a whole. I felt pretty bad for her, so I would think of fairytales that had adopted princesses and that made her smile.



Come join us and read the story book that started it all…..
It’s about a lovely girl found in a mystical garden made from love and magic; who became a princess to an unforgettable kingdom and a loving daughter to a very lonely King and Queen.

The fairy tale surrounds itself in a land of enchantment with fairies, wizards, and dragons. The book focuses on the beloved princess who would use creativity, courage and kindness to heal dragons and make a wonderful and magical tea that would change and heal the realm of Bellasia.

We invite you and your little princesses to have a tea party and read our book and lose yourself as you learn about Isabella and follow the young princess in her journey of discovery, family, love, and hope.



As important as the story is to my Isabella and all those who may enjoy the fairy tale, it is even more important for me to find the tastiest and the most beautiful teas for this venture.

When our little princesses are enjoying their teas I want them to be transported to the land of Bellasia where fairies, dragons, magic wizards and dreams come true.

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