It's Tea Time!

There is something magical and whimsy about a tea party. Chances are you have memories of your own parties growing up, and we aim to bring them back with classic teas crafted for children! Fitting like a glass slipper, the tea is flavorful, wholesome and free of added sugar, caffeine, and gluten!

Magically Delicious & Healthy!

While our premium teas are bursting with unique flavors that will dance across your tastebuds, they are also a natural juice alternative. Each of our teas are crafted without caffeine and added sugar and are proudly gluten-free!

Teas for Women, too!

Ladies, we hear you! Bellasia Tea isn't just for kids - it's for women, too. Our new exclusive line of teas are specially formulated and packed with endless benefits. Find the tea that fits you best, or try them all. Together, they seamlessly focus on women's wellness!