You, Me & a Cup of Tea (+FREE Printable!)

It’s not just love in the air, it’s the sweet aroma of Bellasia’s enchanting teas! Bellasia Tea was lovingly created to give children a delicious, but healthy, beverage alternative.

Teas come in a variety of flavors and are best accompanied by the Once Upon a Tea story. Immerse yourself into the beautiful world of Bellasia as you sip a cup with elegance. The teas can transform any child into a brave prince or majestic princess with just one sip!

Our line of teas are caffeine and sugar-free. The 100% all-natural, fruit-based herbal tea is rich in vitamins, is full of antioxidants, and is an exciting alternative to other sugary drinks. We pack wholesome ingredients into our blends, which highlight the flavors. For an iced fruity sensation, enjoy chilled or carefully warm them for a soothing sip. No matter how you temp your tea, the flavor will always be magical!

This February, we're happy to introduce 'You, Me and a Cup of Tea' and wanted to create something special for lovers of our teas! Invite your special guests of honor, it’s time for a celebratory tea party that even Cupid can’t resist. Planning a tea party is fun and a great way to bond with your children to celebrate this sweet holiday. We have created a FREE printable for you to enjoy during your Valentine’s tea!

What You’ll Need:

    • Your favorite Bellasia Tea
    • Pretty tea cups and saucers
    • Assortment of cookies or treats
    • Bellasia Valentine’s Activity Printable [download here]
    • Coloring Utensils

    It’s Party Time!

    Before you begin, print a copy of our exclusive Bellasia Valentine’s Activity Mat. Setup your table with your treats and prepare your tea. Gather your guests and welcome them with a hug. Enjoy your tea and treats while coloring and don’t forget to snap a photo!

    Extra Yums for Parents

    We haven’t forgotten how sweet you are, parents! When your tea party has concluded, use any leftover tea or brew a fresh batch and use them to infuse fresh strawberries! Simply wash and de-stem strawberries and soak them in tea in the fridge overnight. In the morning, pat the strawberries dry and dip them in a mug of melted chocolate. Allow the chocolate to harden and enjoy!

    Whether you find yourself amongst the clouds with our Cloud Catcher tea or feeling loved like royalty and beyond, we hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your little sweet-tea!


    Printable Instructions: The Bellasia Tea Valentine's Printable is available for download for free via Dropbox. Download and print the file to use.

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