Bellasia Tea | Tea Review

Bellasia Tea | Tea Review

The idea of Bellasia Tea came from Mercedes, the founder, wanting to find a tea that was healthy and made for kids for her daughter’s tea parties, as well as wanting to make a character that was relatable for her adopted daughter. After searching, she could not find any princess related tea. So, Mercedes created an entire business around tea for children included six royal tea blends and a corresponding kid’s book. I met Mercedes at the Chicago International Tea Festival and we further formed a relationship over Instagram. She sent me all six of the royal teas and the book. This will be part one of my collaboration with Bellasia Tea, this being the review portion (since I am a kid at heart) and the next one will be with my little cousins. Here were my thoughts: 

Dragon Moon: The color is a beautiful soft blue color, with a creamy and fruity aroma (I do not know how a smell can be creamy but my nose does not lie). I had this first iced but did not realize that it was a lighter tea, so it became quite watery. But it did still taste nice and refreshing. So the next time I made it hot and enjoyed it immensely. Vanilla was the primary taste that I sensed when sipping on this tea. It does have a lighter taste and a very soft feel in the mouth, which I am starting to think is the cornflower petal. I have had it in a few other teas and I notice the same texture. I absolutely loved drinking this tea, but this is one that I think a more mature palate would appreciate more over a child’s. However, that will be tested in a different article.

Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Carrot Pieces, Bean Peels, Ginger Pieces, Goji Berries, Raisins, Butterfly Pea Blossoms, Cornflower Petals, Vanilla Pieces, Natural Flavor

Fairy Berry: The aroma of this tea instantly took me back to when my mom makes homemade applesauce in the Fall. The taste was much lighter than I was expecting, very subtle. It had faint tastes of apple and subtle natural sweetness and tartness to it. My first little cup was quite light, but as I got into this tea more, the stronger it seemed. The taste of apple paired really well with the hibiscus, and the rose hips really helped the calm down the flavors that are normally overpowering. I would say compared to the other teas, this one was a bit weaker and seemed a bit more subtle than I expected. But I did appreciate that it was different.

Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Hips, Apple Pieces, Strawberries, Raspberry Leaves, Natural Strawberry Flavor

Wizard’s Brew: The aroma is fruity yet with hints of floral notes. Because again, my mom and I are children at heart, we both loved this tea. The main note that I could taste was the watermelon flavor as well as the cranberries. The natural sweetness of the tea came from the hibiscus and cranberries as well. It was very well blended though, as I kept drinking, the more flavors and complexities came out. One flavor definitely did not dominate which can be difficult with natural flavors. It also was lacking that mouth feel of natural flavors which made me extremely happy.

Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaves, Natural Watermelon Flavor, Cranberries, Rose Petals

Warrior Punch: The aroma of the leaves almost reminded me of fruitstripe bubblegum and lovely fruits. This was quite delicious, I would love this as a little kid (at least I think I would). It tastes naturally sweet most likely due to all of the concentrates involved in the tea or to the pineapple. It was a different sweetness than the other teas because there was the tartness from the hibiscus but an additional sweetness was evident because of the purees. I am having difficulty reviewing this tea because it is just so delicious and fruity. I think it would made a remarkable iced tea.

Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Pineapple Cubes, Hibiscus Blossoms, Kiwi Slices, Peach Pieces, Flavoring, Freezed Dried Peach Crunch (Peach Puree Concentrate, Tangerines, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Black Carrot Juice Concentrate)

Royal-Tea: I feel like this is going to be repetitive but this tea is quite fruity. It was naturally quite sweet, very juice-like. There was an aroma quite similar to the dragon moon tea, slightly vanilla and definitely creamy. The aroma was quite sweet as well. The first taste was quite interesting, with a very smooth and mellow texture followed by a punch of fruity flavor. While other teas were a bit more apparent in the flavor from the get-go, this one seemingly transformed in the middle of sipping. After a while, the vanilla cream aroma did transfer over to taste and it was delicious. It is interesting trying out so many slightly similar teas because individually they seem quite similar, but side by side is where their own flavors and personalities show. 

Ingredients: Apple Bits, Candied Pineapple Bits, Carrot Bits, Hibiscus Blossoms, White and Pink Sugar Sprinkle Unicorns, Beetroot Bits, Strawberry Bits, Vanilla Bits, Natural Flavoring

Cloud Catchers: Much like the other teas, this was very fruity and delicious to drink. My family and I love fruity teas especially when we are unwinding for the night, so I am really enjoying every one of these teas. The flavor was very similar to raspberries and had a lovely tart aspect from the hibiscus which felt like I had just consumed a raspberry. This tea did make my lips pucker a tiny bit, but it had a really nice balance of sweet and tart. While drinking, I noticed that my throat felt a little bit dryer which was a small downside to this tea. But many fruity herbals tend to do this, so it is not going to discourage me. I really think children will like this because of its natural sweetness and the almost tart and sour aspect that it occasionally has (or at least a young me would have totally consumed this).

Ingredients: Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Raspberries


Price: Each of these teas tins were $11.95 for 16 sachet bags. I think this is a fair price considering the packaging, quality of the tea, and the idea behind the tea.

Packaging: The tea was stored into tins that closed nicely, but the leaves had an incredibly potent aroma that I have no idea what packaging would have been able to contain it. I was very happy with the tins regardless, as they are definitely the best packaging for tea in my opinion.

Source: Since these were all herbal blends, no sourcing information to report!

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    My daughter purchased the Fairy Garden tea set and the product was beautifully made!

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