Don't leave out the little ones! With tea gaining in popularity and the wealth of wellness it provides, tea for kids makes perfect sense. Kids can have fun and start on a path of quiet time, healthy beverages, and the wonder of all things tea.

Generally, it makes sense to limit tea selections to caffeine-free options, for the health of the children as well as the sanity of the parents! Parents can decide when the time is right for their child to try true teas of the caffeine bearing kind. Rooibos, honeybush, and fruit and herb type tisanes are perfect choices. If choosing to create your own line of children’s teas for your shop, be sure to list ingredients (you should anyway) and clearly mark allergens. Some vendors offer a line of teas just for children, or can at least guide you in finding the best ones among their selection for the task. Adagio has a line of children’s teas with cute themes and artful tins offered in our wholesale gift section. You can also choose to create your own packaging with fun label art such as the lovelies ones by Bellasia.

Some of our favorite teas for children:

  • Honeybush Banana Nut - Fruit and fun, with a hint of natural sweetness.
  • Wild Strawberry - A fruit and hibiscus berry herbal blend that is wonderful hot or iced.
  • Green Rooibos Bonita - A light boded rooibos with a blend of peach, strawberry, and orange. Wonderful iced!
  • For children’s tea events, you can offer regular monthly events or occasional themed events and select your teas based on season or theme. Kid sized teapots and tea cups in colorful hues can be very frou-frou or more primary for inclusiveness. Princess teas are great but ensure to have something for the princes as well.

    By offering children’s tea event and tea options you will also draw the attention of appreciative parents and guardians. Perhaps offer a free tea sample as a party favor and thank you gift for the adults, or free tea drinks for them if they are helping keep order during an event. You can also offer a coupon for use upon a return visit. It is a great way to engage new customers and build on new connections.

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