About Us

My name is Mercedes, Yep the queen in the book and as you’ve might of guessed I have a beautiful daughter named Isabella. I started Bellasia for a few reasons. My husband and I could not conceive so we adopted the most beautiful little girl in the world, she’s a shining star that completes our lives. I grew up on Fairytales and Happily Ever After’s so naturally so did she. I noticed that she was quite distraught that there were no adopted princesses and even in some case shed a not so flattering light on non-birth parents as a whole. I felt pretty bad for her, so I would think of fairytales that had adopted princesses and that made her smile.


My second reason is, if you have kids, chances are pretty good you’ve been a part of a tea party.

My husband is retired military and I’ve caught him on several occasions dressed in boas and tiaras enjoying a cup of imaginary tea at a table that was entirely too little for him. When she got older and wanted to stop pretending and start partaking in real tea I couldn’t find any “Princess tea”. How can this be? Tons of princess tea sets, tables, dresses etc. but no Princess Tea! Than my adoption tales started reeling in a different direction and Bellasia was born!


Finally, as much as I love all of the stories we all grew up with I wanted Isabella to know that it’s up to us for our Happily Ever After’s.

Make life what you choose and Dream big…shoot for the stars! We’re only on this Earth a short amount of time and everyday is a gift!